Additional information about this specification to assist with FHIR API development.


The FHIR profiles for this specification have been developed using the FHIR Release STU3 specification.

Questions and Comments

For questions and comments about this documentation please email the Interoperability Team.

Healthy Child Record Standard

The development of Digital Child Health Event Message Bundles has been informed by the Healthy Child Record Standard published by the Professional Record Standards Body.


FHIR Messaging components specified within this site have been developed by NHS Digital and use CareConnect profiles created in collaboration with the INTEROPen community.

The INTEROPen vision is to create a library of nationally defined HL7® FHIR® resources and interaction patterns that implementers can adopt to simplify integration and interoperability within UK health and social care.

See CareConnect FHIR Profiles for further clarification on the use of CareConnect FHIR profiles within this specification.

Find out more on the INTEROPen website.

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