The FHIR profiles used for the Family History Event Message Bundle

The following FHIR profiles are used to form the Family History Event Message Bundle:

Family History Event data item mapping to FHIR profiles

The Child Health Event data items are fulfilled by elements within the FHIR resources listed below:

DCH Data ItemFHIR resource elementMandatory/
ODS/ORD Site CodeCareConnect-Location-1.identifier (ODS Site Code)Required
Family HistoryCareConnect-DCH-FamilyMemberHistory-1.condition.codeMandatory
Relationship to childCareConnect-DCH-FamilyMemberHistory-1.relationship.codeRequired
Maternal Problems in Pregnancy Impacting FetusCareConnect-DCH-MaternalProblemsInPregnancy-FamilyMemberHistory-1.condition.code.textRequired
Maternal or Paternal relationCareConnect-DCH-FamilyMemberHistory-1.relationship.codeRequiredCareConnect-DCH-FamilyMemberHistory-1.relationship.code shall contain 2 codes - one for the relationship type and a further code to confirm whether the relation is part of the maternal or paternal side of the family

Linkage Diagram

Family History XML Example

Family History JSON Example

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