The FHIR profiles used for the Social Context Household Event Message Bundle

The following FHIR profiles are used to form the Social Context Household Event Message Bundle:

Social Context Household Event data item mapping to FHIR profiles

This Mapping table defines the FHIR elements that SHALL be used to encode the Healthy Child Event Specification data items for each DCH Event Message payload.
Some common data item mappings, such as patient, publisher or Date/Time of event information, are defined within the Header mapping table and SHALL be considered in parallel with the payload mapping.

The Child Health Event data items are fulfilled by elements within the FHIR resources listed below:

DCH Data Item FHIR Resource element Mandatory/
Date/Time CareConnect-DCH-Encounter-1.period.start Mandatory Format is YYYY-MM-DD”T”HH:MM:SS
Mothers Education Level DCH-SocialContextHousehold-QuestionnaireResponse-1.item:mothersEducationLevel Required Free text
Smoking status within the house DCH-SocialContextHousehold-QuestionnaireResponse-1.item:householdSmokingStatus Required Allow SNOMED CT only
Smoking Status- details DCH-SocialContextHousehold-QuestionnaireResponse-1.item:householdSmokingStatus.answer.extension:smokingStatusDetails Required Free text
Substance misuse status within household DCH-SocialContextHousehold-QuestionnaireResponse-1.item:householdSubstanceStatus Required Allow SNOMED CT only
Drug/substance use - details DCH-SocialContextHousehold-QuestionnaireResponse-1.item:householdSubstanceStatus.answer.extension:substanceStatusDetails Required Free text
Alcohol Use within households DCH-SocialContextHousehold-QuestionnaireResponse-1.item:householdAlcoholDrinkingStatus Required Allow SNOMED CT only
Alcohol use - details DCH-SocialContextHousehold-QuestionnaireResponse-1.item:householdAlcoholDrinkingStatus.answer.extension:alcoholStatusDetails Required Free text
Employment status (care giver 1) DCH-SocialContextHousehold-QuestionnaireResponse-1.item:employmentStatusCareGiver1 Required  
Care giver 1’s occupation DCH-SocialContextHousehold-QuestionnaireResponse-1.item:occupationCareGiver1 Required Free text field to be used if no coded text available
Employment status (care giver 2) DCH-SocialContextHousehold-QuestionnaireResponse-1.item:employmentStatusCareGiver2 Required  
Care giver 2’s occupation DCH-SocialContextHousehold-QuestionnaireResponse-1.item:occupationCareGiver2 Required Free text field to be used if no coded text available
Any Household member has/had social services support DCH-SocialContextHousehold-QuestionnaireResponse-1.item:socialServicesSupport Required Boolean
Accommodation status DCH-SocialContextHousehold-QuestionnaireResponse-1.item:accommodationStatus Mandatory  

Reference Linkage Diagram

This Linkage diagram defines the required references that SHALL be made between resources within the DCH Event Message bundle. It includes both Header and Payload resources (but omits the DCH-Bundle-1 wrapper).


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