The FHIR profiles used for the Safety Alerts Event Message Bundle

The following FHIR profiles are used to form the Safety Alerts Event Message Bundle:

Safety Alerts Event data item mapping to FHIR profiles

This Mapping table defines the FHIR elements that SHALL be used to encode the Healthy Child Event Specification data items for each DCH Event Message payload.
Some common data item mappings, such as patient, publisher or Date/Time of event information, are defined within the Header mapping table and SHALL be considered in parallel with the payload mapping.

The Child Health Event data items are fulfilled by elements within the FHIR resources listed below:

DCH Data Item FHIR Resource element Mandatory/
Date CareConnect-DCH-Encounter-1.period.start Mandatory  
ODS Site Code CareConnect-Location-1.identifier (ODS Site Code) Required  
SDS Job Role Name CareConnect-DCH-PractitionerRole-1.code (SDS Job Role Name) Required  
Professional Name Required  
Risk Type CareConnect-Observation-1.code.text Required Risk type SHALL be represented by setting code.text to ‘Risk to self’, ‘Risk to others’ or ‘Risk from others’
Risk End Date CareConnect-Observation-1.effectivePeriod.end Required  
Risk Details CareConnect-Observation-1.valueString Required The identified risk is documented in Observation.valueString as free text.

Multiple ‘Risks’ SHALL be recorded as multiple, separate Observation resources within the Safety Alerts Event Message Bundle.

Linkage Diagram

This Linkage diagram defines the required references that SHALL be made between resources within the DCH Event Message bundle. It includes both Header and Payload resources (but omits the DCH-Bundle-1 wrapper).

Safety Alerts XML Example

Safety Alerts JSON Example

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