Summary release notes of the versions released in Digital Child Health Implementation Guide

This site is under active development by NHS Digital and is intended to provide the FHIR messaging components for the Digital Child Health event messages. This project is being developed using an agile methodology so iterative updates to content will be added on a regular basis, and remains subject to clinical review. Changes to this specification following the initial beta release will be documented here.

Release Candidate 1.1.0

This implementation guidance has been updated and base lined at Release Candidate Version 1.1.0.


  • CareConnect-DCH-ExaminationFinding-Procedure-1 profile
    • removal of erroneous fixed value @ Procedure.code.coding.display
    • rename of Procedure.code.coding.extension:MyExtension to Procedure.code.coding.extension:snomedCTDescriptionID
  • DCH-ExaminationFindings-Bundle-Example-1.xml and DCH-ExaminationFindings-Bundle-Example-1.json
    • addition of MessageHeader.destination in example
    • addition of Procedure.performedDateTime in example
    • corrected PractitionerRole.organization.reference to refer to entry.fullUrl of Organization resource in example bundle

Beta 1.1.0

Following stakeholder feedback and INTEROPen curation, this implementation guidance has been updated as detailed below.

The Messaging Overview has been updated to align with the publish and subscribe functionality detailed by the Events Management Service.

Digital Child Health Events Model - a new page sharing Digital Child Health Events Model mapping to Healthy Child Programme interventions

Admission Details - Patient Location clarified to use CareConnect-DCH-Location-1.type.text

Birth Details - Location of Birth changed to Required

Blood Spot Card Received - All items changed to Mandatory

Blood Spot Test Outcome - Optional Comment field added

Conditions - Added item Condition end date

Discharge Details - Encounter Type changed to Required

Immunisation Administration - Outcome Status and Dose Sequence changed to Optional

Measurements - Birth Weight changed to Required, updated to use generic profiles for HeadCircumference and Weight observations

Medication - Course status, Dose directions description, Dose Direction Duration and Additional instruction changed to Optional

Newborn Hearing - Procedure profiles for AABR and AOAE hearing tests and outcomes added - CareConnect-DCH-AABRHearingTest-Procedure-1 and CareConnect-DCH-AOAEHearingTest-Procedure-1 - Optional Comment field added

Physical Examination - Optional Comment field added

Changes following INTEROPen curation

  • Birth Details - Event remodelled to use CareConnect-DCH-Patient-1 and CareConnect-DCH-Encounter-1
  • Event header - DCH-HealthcareService-1 - the terminology binding for ‘type’ will now use the Care Connect Care Setting Type Value Set.
  • Immunisation Administration - Added FHIR profiles to support sharing of Information and Advice Given, and Allergies and Adverse Reactions
  • Professional Contacts - Event data item mapping clarified to detail team or care professional association requirements. The event has been redesigned as follows:
    • ‘Specialty’ data item removed
    • CodeSystem DCH-ProfessionalType-1 updated to use new codes
    • CareConnect-DCH-Team-Organization-1 profile removed and replaced with DCH-CareTeam-1
    • ‘Role’ changed to Required
    • ‘Telephone number’ changed to ‘Contact details’
  • The following Level 3 profiles have been removed and replaced with Level 2 CareConnect profiles:
    • CareConnect-DCH-Organisation-1 replaced with CareConnect-Organization-1
    • CareConnect-DCH-Location-1 replaced with CareConnect-Location-1

All example instances, and the DCH-DSTU2-STU3-Map provided in the About section have been updated to reflect these changes.

Beta 1.0.1

This implementation guidance has been updated to:

  • include a guidance page for accessing example messages
  • apply a correction to the title for Blood Spot Test Outcome event

Beta 1.0.0

This Beta release includes implementation guidance to support the development of the Digital Child Health Event Messages, supporting the following:

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