The FHIR profiles used for the Plan and Requested Actions Event Message Bundle

The following FHIR profiles are used to form the Plan and Requested Actions Event Message Bundle:

Plan and Requested Actions Event data item mapping to FHIR profiles

The Child Health Event data items are fulfilled by elements within the FHIR resources listed below:

DCH Data Item FHIR resource element Mandatory/
Date/Time CareConnect-DCH-Encounter-1.period.start Mandatory  
ODS/ORD Site Code CareConnect-Location-1.identifier Mandatory  
SDS Job Role Name CareConnect-DCH-PractitionerRole-1.code Required  
Performing Professional Required  
Actions DCH-PlanAndRequestedActions-CarePlan-1.description Mandatory  
Recipient DCH-RelatedPerson-1.relationship Required For Plan & Requested Actions the relationship type must be from the ValueSet provided

Reference Linkage Diagram


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