The standard event header information applicable to Digital Child Health (DCH) event messages

Event header information

Each event message will carry a standard set of event header information to help identify the patient, publisher, actual event, etc.

This event header information must consist of the following mandatory items and their corresponding FHIR profiles and elements:

DCH Event Header item requirement FHIR resource FHIR element
patient identification data: CareConnect-DCH-Patient-1  
NHS Number CareConnect-DCH-Patient-1 identifier using NHS Number slice
Date of Birth CareConnect-DCH-Patient-1 birthDate
name CareConnect-DCH-Patient-1 name
event type DCH-MessageHeader-1 event
type of service originating the event DCH-HealthcareService-1 type
service provider originating the event CareConnect-DCH-Encounter-1 serviceProvider
IT system holding the event data DCH-MessageHeader-1 source
location at which the event occurred CareConnect-Location-1 location
event date time CareConnect-DCH-Encounter-1 period.start
event publisher DCH-MessageHeader-1 responsible
event published date DCH-MessageHeader-1 timestamp
a publication reference number DCH-MessageHeader-1 The resource identifier for the MessageHeader, which will use a UUID format

The remaining resources in the bundle depend on the Digital Child Health Event listed under the Messages section.

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