The FHIR profiles used for the Admission Details Event Message Bundle

The following FHIR profiles are used to form the Admission Details Event Message Bundle:

Admission Details Event data item mapping to FHIR profiles

The Child Health Event data items are fulfilled by elements within the FHIR resources listed below:

DCH Data Item FHIR resource element Mandatory/Required/Optional Notes
Date and Time of admission CareConnect-DCH-Encounter-1.period.start Required  
ODS/ORD Site Code CareConnect-Location-1.identifier (ODS Site Code) Required  
Name of Location Optional  
Responsible Clinician Name Required  
Responsible Clinician Identifier CareConnect-DCH-Practitioner-1.identifier.value Required  
Identifier Issuer CareConnect-DCH-Practitioner-1.identifier.system Required *
Patient Location CareConnect-Location-1.type.text Optional  
Reason for Admission CareConnect-DCH-Encounter-1.reason Required  
Admission Method CareConnect-DCH-Encounter-1.hospitalization.admissionMethod Required  
Specialty Admitted To DCH-HealthcareService-1.specialty Required  
Source of Admission CareConnect-DCH-Encounter-1.hospitalization.admitSource Required  
Person Accompanying patient DCH-RelatedPerson-1 Required  

* The Professional Registration Body identifier, e.g. the admitting Clinician’s GMC number, is recorded as Responsible Clinician Identifier in element CareConnect-DCH-Practitioner-1.identifier.value.
The identifier for the issuing Professional Registration Body is recorded as Identifier Issuer in element CareConnect-DCH-Practitioner-1.identifier.system as follows:

Issuing Professional Registration Body Identifier
General Dental Council Identifier
General Medical Council Identifier
Health and Care Professions Council Identifier
Nursing and Midwifery Council Identifier

Reference Linkage Diagram

This Linkage diagram defines the required references that SHALL be made between resources within the DCH Event Message bundle. It includes both Header and Payload resources (but omits the DCH-Bundle-1 wrapper).


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