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Build | FHIR Patient Server Page How to create a basic FHIR Patient server using open source tools
Build | Patient Search Page How to use FHIR Patient resources to perform Patient Searches
Care Coordination | Clinical Page Guidance using FHIR Observation with Vital Signs
Care Coordination | Diagnostics Page Guidance on using FHIR with Laboratory and Radiology
Care Coordination | Medication Page Guidance on FHIR Medication resources and DM+D
Diagnostics | Workflow Page Guidance on using FHIR with Workflow
Clinical Terminologies Page Brief guidance on how clinical terminologies are expected to be used within the Care Connect FHIR® API.
Development Roadmap Page Care Connect API roadmap outlines the development schedule for the RESTful APIs.
Product Versioning Page An overview of how capability packs (and other technical assets) are versioned.
Security Guidance Page Details of the API security model and supported protocols.
Guide Versioning Page An overview of this implementation guide is versioned.
Release Notes Page Summary release notes of the versions released in Care Connect API Implementation Guide
Open Source Guidance Page Details of open source FHIR libraries.
Server Guidance Page Details of how a FHIR server should be set-up to be a fully compliant.
Care Connect | Reference Page Developer Cheat Sheet shortcuts for the technical build of Care Connect API.