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1. Pre-Requisites for FHIR Servers

1.1 CareConnectAPI Requirements

  • SHALL support HL7 FHIR STU3 version 1.0.0.
  • SHALL support the CareConnect Patient resource profile.
  • SHALL support at least one additional resource profile from the list of CareConnect Profiles
  • SHALL Implement REST behavior according to the FHIR specification
  • Resources SHALL identify the CareConnect profile supported as part of the FHIR Base Resource
  • SHALL support XML or JSON formats for all CareConnect API interactions and SHOULD support both formats.

1.2 FHIR Conformance

SHALL declare a Conformance identifying the list of profiles, operations, search parameter supported.

In order to be a compliant FHIR server, client systems need to expose a valid FHIR Capability profile. See also Care Connect API FHIR Capability profile.

1.3 NHS Number

Only verified NHS Number SHALL be used with CareConnect profiles. This can be achieved using a spine accredited system, a Demographics Batch Service (DBS) batch-traced record (CSV), or using a Spine Mini Services Provider (HL7v3) to verify the NHS Number.

2. Resource API Structure

The FHIR Care Connect profile API’s described in the Explore section of this implementation guide have been structured consistently in the following way:

  • 0. References
  • 1. Read
  • 2. Search Parameters
  • 3. Example

2.1 Resource API Structure Details

General Description
0. References Links to other parts of the implementation guide which might help with context and understanding the API's described
1. Read A description of how to get the API
2. Search Parameters List of search parameters for the profile being described, including any tips for searching. This section shows examples of how to search using the provided search parameters
3. Example Description of of the Request & Response headers, example of how to search on a server and the expected response body as an example

3. Resource API’s

This section looks at the Care Connect profile API’s covered within this implementation guide.

Summary Diagnostics Medications
AllergyIntolerance Observation Medication
Condition (Problem)   MedicationOrder
Procedure   MedicationStatement
Individuals Entities Workflow
Patient Organization Encounter
Practitioner Location  
Capability Terminology  
Capability Statement ValueSet  
CodeSystem (example)  
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