A code system resource specifies a set of codes drawn from one or more code systems.

0. References

1. Read

Return a single CodeSystem for the specified id.

All requests SHALL contain a valid ‘Authorization’ header and SHALL contain an ‘Accept’ header. The `Accept` header indicates the format of the response the client is able to understand, this will be one of the following application/json+fhir or application/xml+fhir.

1.1. Response

A full set of response codes can be found here API Response Codes. FHIR Servers SHALL support the following response codes:

200 successful operation
404 resource not found
410 resource deleted

2. Example

2.1 Request Query

Return the CodeSystem for Care Connect NSH Verification Status. Replace ‘baseUrl’ with the actual base Url of the FHIR Server.

2.1.1. cURL

curl -H 'Accept: application/xml+fhir' -H 'Authorization: BEARER [token]' -X GET  '[baseUrl]/CodeSystem/CareConnect-NHSNumberVerificationStatus-1'

2.2 Response Body

<CodeSystem xmlns="http://hl7.org/fhir">
	<id value="CareConnect-NHSNumberVerificationStatus-1"/>
	<extension url="http://hl7.org/fhir/StructureDefinition/codesystem-sourceReference">
		<valueUri value="http://www.datadictionary.nhs.uk/data_dictionary/data_field_notes/n/nhs/nhs_number_status_indicator_code_de.asp?shownav=1"/>
	<url value="https://fhir.hl7.org.uk/STU3/CodeSystem/CareConnect-NHSNumberVerificationStatus-1"/>
	<version value="1.0.0"/>
	<name value="Care Connect NHS Number Verification Status"/>
	<status value="active"/>
	<date value="2017-08-01T00:00:00+00:00"/>
	<publisher value="HL7 UK"/>
	<description value="A CodeSystem that identifies the trace status of the NHS number.  This CodeSystem is comprised of codes from the NHS Data Model and Dictionary: NHS Number Status Indicator Code."/>
	<copyright value="Copyright © 2016 HL7 UK"/>
	<caseSensitive value="true"/>
	<content value="complete"/>
		<code value="01"/>
		<display value="Number present and verified"/>
		<code value="02"/>
		<display value="Number present but not traced"/>
		<code value="03"/>
		<display value="Trace required"/>
		<code value="04"/>
		<display value="Trace attempted - No match or multiple match found"/>
		<code value="05"/>
		<display value="Trace needs to be resolved - (NHS number or patient detail conflict)"/>
		<code value="06"/>
		<display value="Trace in progress"/>
		<code value="07"/>
		<display value="Number not present and trace not required"/>
		<code value="08"/>
		<display value="Trace postponed (baby under six weeks old)"/>