Case Studies showing the adoption process, combining the business analysis, context and technical architecture involved in delivering a project.

Case Studies

Care Connect case studies provide examples of how real world problems have been solved using Care Connect. Following a process that shows how the project evolved from gathering business requirements through to the final creation of a solution, case studies offer insight and education from the experience of other trusts and service providers.

Case studies demonstrate the application of the Care Connect Engagement Process.The outline of this process can be seen in the following diagram.

Diagram showing high level stages that are discussed in each case study.

The development of the Care Connect standard relies on community engagement curated by INTEROPen. Contributions can be made, either by joining the INTEROPen or simply contacting INTEROPen using the email address

Michael’s Story

Michael’s story has been widely developed, clinical assured and demonstrated at the INTEROPen summit. This scenario offers a theoretical platform on which to explore how Care Connect profiles may be mapped and a solution defined. While each scenario can support a number of user stories, these are expressed in a far simpler form to a real world counterpart. Also, these examples refer to a solution that is underpinned with some form of interoperability requirement. The translation into user stories doesn’t attempt to describe the systems that would be required to support each definition. Currently, this page provides a simple association to a relevant profile that has been documented within this implementation guide.

Michael’s Story

Bristol Connecting Care

Connecting Care is a local electronic patient record that allows health and social care professionals directly involved in your care, to share a summary of your medical record. The pharmacists would like to retrieve medications history of the patient to prepare a list or reconciled medications. They want to know the patient’s medications journey. While the initial scenario seemed to be around medication reconciliation, what becomes clear is that it’s really around the creation of a consolidated view of medication.

This case study demonstrates the application of the Care Connect Engagement Process

Bristol Connecting Care