Describes the current version of the Reference Implementation

Current Version

Navigate the RI

The Care Connect Reference Implementation exposes example care setting data. The approach taken and possible ways to navigate the data is contained within Navigate the RI

In Scope

The following is a list of what is in scope for this released version of the Reference Implementation:

  • Implemented using HTTP1.1 API standards
  • STU3 FHIR standard
  • Care Connect Patient profile published on the Implementation Guide alpha v1.8
  • HAPI Server v3
  • Synthetic RI data generated to complete the profile information

Out of Scope

The following is a short list of out of scope:

  • Clinical oversight of the information contained in the responses


Are recorded in the Care Connect Reference Implementation which can be found: Issues


To download and run the code please follow the following links.
Code: Release 5 Git repository of code

Clone: Version 3 Release 4 clone of repository by

git clone
git checkout tags/3.8

Version Plan

The Reference Implementation is being delivered in staged versions based on an agile approach. The Implementation Guide and these sections will be updated shortly after a Version has passed the acceptance criteria of a release. This allows the understanding of the problem and the solution to evolve while product is delivered in stages which align to 3 “Versions”. The Reference Implementation is designed to follow a typical implementation approach and as such:

Version Description
1 Provide a single read-only working Care Connect profile with demo data on a live server accessible by the public. This is also referred to as the MVP.
2 Provide multiple read-only working Care Connect profiles with demo data on a live server accessible by the public.
3 Provide 14 Care Connect profiles with example data for one care setting with audit of use and accessible by both unsecure and secure API interaction.


This site is structured around Care Connect stakeholders including API users, developers and architects. Please get involved in the journey.

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