A brief introduction to getting started with the Care Connect FHIR® APIs.


The Care Connect RESTful APIs within this site have been developed collaboratively by NHS Digital and the INTEROPen community. These APIs aim to better support the delivery of care by opening up information and data held across different clinical care settings through the use of nationally defined INTEROPen FHIR® resources.

The INTEROPen vision is to create a library of nationally defined HL7® FHIR® resources and interaction patterns that implementers can adopt to simplify integration and interoperability within UK health and social care.

Find out more on the INTEROPen website.

Using this guide

This guide has been created to support the adoption of Care Connect profiles and FHIR resources. As such the site is structured around Care Connect stakeholders including API users, developers and architects.

guide Engage Clinical scenarios User stories Case Studies Benefits Clinical inspiration Explore Impl Guide Resource Profiles API definitions Search parameters Value sets Design & Build Build APIs Search Ex. Code examples Validation tools Security examples Test Test data Security tests Reference servers Secure store Example data Assure Automated tests Test Reports Test Evidence Conformance reports Assurance checklist Deploy (Pilot) API harness Warranted environment IG / IS Spine comms Record locator Deploy (Live) Registry Monitor Support Conformance statement Extensions

The above steps outline a complete API journey from imagination and exploring to developing local APIs using Care Connect profiles all the way to deploying a live API.

Care Connect Focus

The current site focuses on a typical API Developer’s Journey as highlighted by the green boxes below in the developer journey:

NHS Digital is contributing to progressing the profile development and testing process. Invitations are open for the INTEROPen community to get involved and progress the wider developer ecosystem.

Please see the explanation of the complete development roadmap.

Resource Roadmap

The API journey outlines the development roadmap for the RESTful APIs outlined within this site.

The above roadmap illustrates the steps necessary to create, test and verify the profiles as well as some of the supporting tooling which might be necessary to build to provide viable APIs. The roadmap is not intended to be complete but to promote discussion, extension and engagement from the INTEROPen community.

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