Describes the steps required to design & build an API using the Care Connect profiles described in Explore

The Design & Build section contains descriptions of approaches and suggestions for building APIs including an example Reference Implementation.

Page Description
Design Describes points to consider during the design of a system including: Patterns & topologies; exchange paradigms; access; security; and get record
Reference Implementation Describes how the Care Connect Reference Implementation was built and offers inspiration for the design and connection of your own implementations
Build A collection of tools and descriptions of aspects to consider while building your own Care Connect implementation

Please see or contribute to INTEROPen to support the wider community efforts of providing a completely defined API service.

Providing an API

The following diagram explains the elements of APIs allowing the development of APIs:

provide_api Local decision Explained Provided Key: API Security Transform Traffic Management Versioning Engage API Docs Report & Monitor Patterns / Topology Access Endpoint

NHS Digital is contributing to progressing the profile development (see Overview section). Invitations are open for the INTEROPen community to get involved and progress the wider developer ecosystem as defined above.


This site is structured around Care Connect stakeholders including API users, developers and architects. Please get involved in the journey.

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