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Clinical | Allergy Intolerance Page Risk of harmful or undesirable, physiological response which is unique to an individual and associated with exposure to a substance.
Clinical | Condition Page Use to record detailed information about conditions, problems or diagnoses recognized by a clinician. There are many uses e.g. recording a diagnosis during a...
Clinical | Family Member History Page Significant health events and conditions for a person related to the patient relevant in the context of care for the patient.
Clinical | Procedure Page An action that is or was performed on a patient. This can be a physical intervention like an operation, or less invasive like counseling or hypnotherapy.
Diagnostics | DiagnosticOrder Page A record of a request for a diagnostic investigation service to be performed.
Diagnostics | DiagnosticReport Page The findings and interpretation of diagnostic tests performed on patients, groups of patients, devices, and locations, and/or specimens derived from these. T...
Diagnostics | Observation Page Measurements and simple assertions made about a patient, device or other subject.
Documents | Binary Page A binary resource can contain any content, whether text, image, pdf, zip archive, etc.
Documents | DocumentReference Page A DocumentReference resource is used to describe a document that is made available to a healthcare system. A document is some sequence of bytes that is ident...
Entities | Location Page Details and position information for a physical place where services are provided and resources and participants may be stored, found, contained or accommoda...
Entities | Organisation Page A formally or informally recognized grouping of people or organizations formed for the purpose of achieving some form of collective action. Includes companie...
Individuals | Patient Page Demographics and other administrative information about an individual receiving care or other health-related services.
Individuals | Practitioner Page A person who is directly or indirectly involved in the provisioning of healthcare.
Individuals | Practitioner Role Page A specific set of Roles/Locations/specialties/services that a practitioner may perform at an organisation for a period of time.
Foundation | Capability Statement Page A capability statement is a set of capabilities of a FHIR Server that may be used as a statement of actual server functionality or a statement of required or...
Foundation | CodeSystem Page A code system resource specifies a set of codes drawn from one or more code systems.
Foundation | ValueSet Page A value set specifies a set of codes drawn from one or more code systems.
Medication | Immunization Page Describes the event of a patient being administered a vaccination or a record of a vaccination as reported by a patient, a clinician or another party and may...
Medication | Medication Page This resource is primarily used for the identification and definition of a medication. It covers the ingredients and the packaging for a medication.
Medication | Medication Request Page An order for both supply of the medication and the instructions for administration of the medication to a patient. The resource is called "MedicationRequest"...
Medication | Medication Statement Page A record of a medication that is being consumed by a patient. A MedicationStatement may indicate that the patient may be taking the medication now, or has ta...
Workflow | Encounter Page An interaction between a patient and healthcare provider(s) for the purpose of providing healthcare service(s) or assessing the health status of a patient.
Workflow | Flag Page Workflow Flag
Workflow | Medication Flag Page Prospective warnings of potential medication issues when providing care to the patient.
Workflow | OrderResponse Page A response to an order.
API Codes Page Details of the API Codes used in the responses.
Care Connect Profile Versioning Page An overview of how profiles are versioned.
Resources Overview Page Overview of the Resources section
Search Parameters Page Describes the process of creating the search parameters