Details of the API Codes used in the responses.

1. API Codes

1.1. 2xx Http Success

200 OK

Successful Operation.

1.2. 4xx Http Client Errors

404 Not Found

No record found for the supplied ODS code.

400 Bad Request

This response can be generated for several reasons, examples are shown below:

issue.details.display Examples of issue.diagnostics
Invalid code system Invalid ods-org-role parameter. Should be
Invalid code value Invalid FHIR ods-org-role parameter
Invalid identifier system Invalid ods-org-role parameter. Should be
Invalid identifier value Supplied identifier must be just alphanumeric characters.
Invalid parameter Unknown argument found address-postalcode1
Unknown argument found ods-org-role1
Unknown argument found ods-org-PrimaryRole
Unknown argument found address-city1
Unknown argument found active1
An input field has an invalid value for its type Supplied address-postalcode is too short, min 2 characters
Supplied address-postalcode contains invalid characters, alphanumeric characters only
Supplied address-postalcode is too long, max 8 characters
Supplied address-city is too short, min 3 characters
Supplied date is invalid
Supplied limit is invalid, the parameter must take an integer between 0 and 20
Unknown content type specified "application/fhir+tESTXml"
Supplied name:contains has invalid Character/s
Supplied address-city contains invalid characters, valid characters include: , . ‘ and alphabetical characters
Invalid FHIR active parameter

1.3. 5xx Http Server Errors

500 Internal Server Error

The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request.

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