Summary release notes of the FHIR® ODS Lookup API Implementation Guide


  • Removed unnecessary placeholder sections from site


  • Amendment to error handling


Implementation Guide uplifted to Live status

  • Removal of development banners and warnings


  • Additional details of search parameters added i.e. supported modifiers and prefixes
  • Further detail on error handling added
  • Placeholders added for Code Snippets
  • Pages added for ValueSet and CodeSystem
  • Updated guide versioning


  • Correction to roadmap
  • Additional REST syntax examples added to resources page
  • DSTU3 links updated with STU3 links



  • API Journey removed
  • Provide APIs removed
  • Guide Versioning updated with additional information on SerVer.
  • Glossary links to added until further notice

Case Studies

  • Engagement Approach removed


  • Overview Pre-requisites now consumer focussed
  • Individuals and Entities sub-category removed and resources placed under the main heading
  • Organization removed the search parameter conformance column and moved the example section to Design & Build
  • Capability Statement removed
  • ValueSet page removed
  • API Codes renamed to HTTP Codes
  • Search Parameters page removed
  • Open Source removed server side information and relocated to Design and Build section
  • FHIR ODS Lookup Versioning page removed

Design & Build, Test, Assure and Deploy

Remove all pages apart from overview, which have all been updated.


Added searches that use extensions

Added new Search Parameters menu under Build sub-menu

Added links to Simplifier SearchParameter XML


Removed document and message from exchange patterns with ODS being API based.

Added new search examples


Corrected Organizational to Organisation.

Correct Organization to Organisation.

Fixed FHIR Trademark

Fixed e-mail hyperlink on introduction page

FHIR spelling in important.html include fixed.

Identified and updated any DSTU2 reference to either STU3 or removed if a HL7 hyperlink.

MIME values updated:

  • application/fhir+xml
  • application/fhir+json

Location and Practitioner references removed from search parameters.

U.K. changed to UK

system value for search had https://https://. Corrected to only show https://


Updated Java and C# code, providing a base on which to build.

Added code snippets to Gist account.

Amended REST url’s to display as the default Base URL for ODS FHIR profiles.

Organisation menu placed into individuals and entities, rather than in a submenu.

Organisation search parameters added to build to include:

  • Logical id search
  • Postcode search
  • Multiple criteria searching

Examples of results returned from searches added


ODS branding added through-out the implementation guide, providing a baseline for ODS specific content to be added.

Added background information throughout the guide to support the ODS Lookup API.

Removal of menus not required for the OD Lookup API.


Initialization of the FHIR® ODS Lookup API implementation guide.

Tags: development