A CodeSystem defines a set of codes with meanings.

0. References

1. Read

Returns a single CodeSystem for the specified id.

The default format of the response will depend on the BaseURL referenced, however both JSON and XML are supported.

1.1. Response

A full set of response codes can be found here API Response Codes. FHIR Servers SHALL support the following response codes:

200 OK
404 Not Found
500 Internal Server Error

2. Example

2.1 Request Query

Return the CodeSystem ODS lookup API ‘ODS API Organization Role’. Replace ‘baseUrl’ with the actual base Url of the FHIR Server.

2.1.1. cURL

curl -H 'Accept: application/fhir+xml' -X GET  'https://directory.spineservices.nhs.uk/STU3/CodeSystem/ODSAPI-OrganizationRecordClass-1'

2.2 Query Response

2.2.1 Http Headers

2.3 Response Body