Implementation guide on the characteristics and usage of the profiles elements

The Natioanl Data Opt-out API captures a request to create a new Opt-out record or update an existing one if it already exists.

The following FHIR profiles are used to form the Consent record:

The consent data item are fulfilled by elements within the FHIR resources listed below:

EOL Data Item FHIR resource element Mandatory/Required/Optional Notes
Consent Status NDOP-Consent-1.status Mandatory Active = Consent Refused, Inactive = Consent Granted.
Patient NDOP-Consent-1.patient Mandatory PDS reference to patient
Date/Time NDOP-Consent.dateTime Mandatory Date and time when consent record was created.
ConsentingParty NDOP-Consent-1.consentingParty Optional Patient who grants rights to sharing data
Organisation NDOP-Consent-1.organization Mandatory Custodian of the consent.
Policy NDOP-Consent-1.policy Mandatory The policy that the consent covers.
Purpose NDOP-Consent-1.purpose Mandatory An indication as to what the consent permits. SNOMED-CT coded where possible.
opt-out Source NDOP-Consent-1.optOutSource (extension) Mandatory Where the Opt-out request originated from.
Consenting Proxy Role NDOP-Consent-1.consentingProxyRole (extension) Optional Where the consenting party was not the patient, who was the acting proxy
NIC Reference NDOP-Consent-1.NICReference (extension) Optional National Information Centre reference where this service was used to set Opt-out preference.