History of changes to the National Data Opt-out API.

Version 1.0.0-beta

Beta release of National Data Opt-out API

  • Removed REST statements relating to the use of policy within the parameters.
  • Replaced contents of the Resources->Consent page with a data mapping view to keep this consistent with other implementation guides.
  • Added additional search parameters for use with history searching.
  • Corrections to versioning.

Version 0.0.11-alpha

  • Proxy role extension added to spec; extension-NDOP-consentingProxyRole-1 to support preferences set via a patient proxy.
  • National Information Centre (NIC) extension added to spec; extension-NDOP-NICReference-1 to support NIC record reference when a patient or proxy defines Opt-out preferences via the NIC contact centre.
  • OPTIONAL category added for future Opt-out usage. Not used in current National Data Opt-out.
  • Purpose element no longer has fixed value to make profile more flexible.
  • Organization element no longer has a fixed value to make profile more flexible.
  • Policy example replaced with a placeholder example until a uri is approved.
  • Examples stored on Git have been updated to reflect changes in the specification.

Version 0.0.10-alpha

  • National Data Opt-out will only support a single question. Purpose element has been updated to use SNOMED CT terminology to support this change in direction.
  • IG updated to remove any reference to the previous purpose approach.
  • JWT updated
  • Semver use updated. No longer using a pre-release.
  • Updated historic versions.
  • Test, assure and deploy pages are currently defined as placeholders to be used for future development.

Version 0.0.9-alpha.0

  • Category is no longer a requirement for NDOP API and has been removed from guide
  • Correction to REST history syntax
  • Added generic assure, test and deploy pages used across all APIs

Version 0.0.8-alpha.0

  • Release date removed from IG
  • Grammatical corrections made throughout guide
  • Consent elements updated with clearer descriptions
  • Correction to On-line Portal code used in an example.
  • Correction to example showing incorrect purpose code.
  • REST history description updated
  • The use of If-None_exists header removed from API. conditionalCreate is therefore not supported.
  • capabilityStatement description has been revised to provide improved clarity
  • Interaction section has been revised, adding detail and XML snippets to make it clear to implementers how the API interacts between the client and server
  • Missing Consent XML example added
  • Reference section had logical id as a URL. Now removed.
  • Correction to Practitioner identifier URL

Version 0.0.7-alpha.0

Change to references used by patient and organization. These now include the FHIR version and a FHIR resource e.g https://demographics.spineservices.nhs.uk/STU3/Patient/6101231234

REST examples updated. Consent example updated.

Version 0.0.6-alpha.0

NDOP now published onto https://fhir.nhs.uk. Links in API now resolvable, with the exception of the spineservice.nhs.uk domain.

URL’s changed as follows:

  • https://fhir.nhs.uk/STU3/ndop-categories-1 to https://fhir.nhs.uk/STU3/CodeSystem/NDOP-Categories-1
  • https://fhir.nhs.uk/STU3/ndop-preference-codes-1 to https://fhir.nhs.uk/STU3/CodeSystem/NDOP-PreferenceCodes-1
  • https://fhir.nhs.uk/STU3/opt-out-source-codesystem-1 to https://fhir.nhs.uk/STU3/CodeSystem/NDOP-OptOutSource-1

  • https://fhir.nhs.uk/STU3/ValueSet/ndop-category-1 to https://fhir.nhs.uk/STU3/ValueSet/NDOP-Category-1
  • https://fhir.nhs.uk/STU3/ValueSet/ndop-preferences-1 to https://fhir.nhs.uk/STU3/ValueSet/NDOP-Preferences-1
  • https://fhir.nhs.uk/STU3/ValueSet/opt-out-source-1 to https://fhir.nhs.uk/STU3/ValueSet/NDOP-OptOutSource-1

Consent.Actor example page updated to correct role URL. Now http://hl7.org/fhir/stu3/valueset-security-role-type

Version 0.0.5-alpha.0

Correction to Organization URI.

Added dateTime page, proving example of format and usage.

Improve Me button fixed.

Version 0.0.4-alpha.0

Corrections made to API REST statements.

Version 0.0.3-alpha.0

Subdomain for PDS and SDS agreed. The sub domain of spineservices.nhs.uk will be used to reference FHIR endpoints and details can be found below on its usage within NDOP. Implementation guide updated to reflect this.

  • directory.spineservices.nhs.uk
  • demographics.spineservices.nhs.uk
  • clinicals.spineservices.nhs.uk

Version 0.0.2-alpha.0

Draft beta released to DDC.

Version 0.0.1-alpha.0

Initial version of the National Data Opt-out API.