low level details for the care connect patient 'id' element

Element Usage

National Data Opt-out uses the Consent.id element to store a universal unique identification (UUID) to each consent record that is created. Every new consent instance that is created using the National Data Opt-out service will be allocated a UUID to identify that record and will retain that UUID throughout the lifespan of the instance. Depending on the opt-out preferences set by the patient, they may have 1 or 2 instances. Where no preferences have been set by the patient, an instance will not exist.


Name Data Type Description
id string A unique logical identifier (UUID) allocated by the National Data Opt-out model.
  • ‘id’ MUST be used to uniquely identify a consent instance. This is the primary identifier for a patients consent preferences.

Example of correct usage

Usage Element examples Comments
Tick id 783ffeef-538e-4a17-bed2-983a382ccdd7 Logical id stored as a string value.

Examples of incorrect usage

Usage Element examples Comments
Cross id 402 556 1234 NHS number must not be used as the logical id

Error Handling

The provider system SHALL return an error if:

  • the id is not a valid UUID
  • the ‘id’ is missing
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