How do I integrate to the sandpit?

You will need to complete and submit the Sandpit Environment Request Form so that we can set up your service in the NHS login sandpit.

Required information:

  • A friendly name of your service e.g. what the public know you as
  • Your redirect_uri that we’ll return traffic to
  • Your public key for validating signed JWTs - see here for guidance
  • A list of scopes* you would like to use - see the EIS for available scopes

*some scopes, such as profile_extended, depend on integration to PDS, which this environment cannot access and therefore won't be available on /userinfo

We aim to process these requests within 24 hours.

You will need to add an OIDC client library to your service. OpenID certified examples can be found here.

We have provided links to some example client repos. We aim to add more client examples over the coming months. If you have one to add, please raise an issue or PR.

Depending on the OIDC client library you pick you’ll either need:

Testing the login flow in the Sandpit

Before testing the registration flow you should ensure a login flow can be completed. This involves all of the interaction points, such as the token and userinfo endpoints.

There are a number of users already configured that you can use to test the login flow. We'll send you the test pack when we configure your client.

Testing the registration process

We currently have two methods to complete registration:

  • Existing GP Online details
  • Online ID check with either video selfie or facial recognition scan

We do not support testing of GP Online method in the sandpit, but you can test the online ID checking process.

When registering a new user you will need to provide a unique email address (using the + trick in emails can help if you want to test a number of times). You can reuse your mobile number for multiple users.

Do not use any other personal information when completing registration. This includes NHS number and ID photo - take a picture of anything you like, within reason!

We don’t tend to approve new registrations in this environment. If you need us to do this please get in touch via Slack.

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