Release notes for the Visitors and Migrants API Specification.

Note - versions of this specification follow semantic versioning - minor and patch versions should be considered as non-breaking.

1.0.4-beta (24th November 2017)

  • Fixed some broken links

1.0.3-beta (8th September 2017)

  • Updated links to error codes ValueSet to point to the updated minor version (1.1) with the latest set of Spine error codes
  • Updates to the Cross Org Audit and Provenance page to clarify use of unsigned tokens
  • Status of all V&M FHIR profiles updated to “active”
  • Added some terms in the glossary
  • Added this release notes page

1.0.2-beta (15th August 2017)

1.0.1-beta (7th July 2017)

  • First Beta release of API spec