Release notes outlining changes to the FHIR Policy.

Note - versions of this policy follow semantic versioning - minor and patch versions should be considered as non-breaking.

The latest unstable in-progress version of this specification can be found on github pages.

Those wanting to contribute to the development of the specification can raise issues and pull requests via the git repository.

1.6.0-Live (26th June 2019)

  • FHIR-PUB-04: FHIR API Maturity now follows the GDS development process stages

1.5.0-live (13th February 2019)

  • Added requirements FHIR-IDENT-02, FHIR-IDENT-03 and FHIR-IDENT-04 to clarify the use of logical and literal references in different FHIR paradigms.
  • Changed maturity label to live for this FHIR policy (as per FHIR-PUB-04)

1.4.0-beta (2nd July 2018)

  • Added profiles page clarifying “levels” and specifying the requirement around the use of summary fields in profiles
  • Added ability to hyperlink to individual requirements on pages

1.3.1-alpha (28th March 2018)

  • Added comment to FHIR-NAT-01 clarifying that new Spine subdomains must be approved by the Spine DevOps team

1.3.0-alpha (22nd March 2018)

  • Updated naming policy statements to clarify that they cover the name, ID and filename for national profiles
  • Updated naming policy for OperationDefinitions (FHIR-NAME-05) to reflect the operation action in the name
  • Added some clariying paragraphs on the publication page to clarify the roles of Github and the NHD Developer network
  • Added requirement FHIR-SERIAL-03 to clarify that custom XML namespaces outside those defined in the FHIR spec must not be used
  • Added UBRN in the list of examples of allowable national business identifiers also used as logical identifiers in requirement FHIR-IDENT-01
  • Added FHIR-CONF-02 to require CapabilityStatements for national services to conform to a national profile, with supporting guidance

1.2.0-alpha (7th December 2017)

  • Altered wording on FHIR-PUB-04 to further clarify the meaning of the maturity labels
  • Added requirement FHIR-VER-06 for major versioning in profiles when moving to a new FHIR version
  • Added requirement FHIR-NAT-01 to confirm URLs for national FHIR services
  • Added requirement FHIR-NAT-02 to state that NHS Digital will use Care Connect profiles where possible, and clarify the principles for removing optional fields
  • Added requirements FHIR-NAME-01 to FHIR-NAME-05 for naming conventions

1.1.0-alpha (9th November 2017)

  • Added requirement: FHIR-PUB-04 FHIR API Maturity
  • Added requirements: FHIR-OPER-01 and FHIR-OPER-02 covering the use of custom operations in ReST endpoints
  • Added this release notes page

1.0.0-alpha (21st July 2017)

  • First Alpha release of FHIR Policy