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This is to flag participation in a clinical trial. PRSB Elements should be formatted as subheadings in any HTML sent.

Section Description Card. MRO* FHIR Target and Guidance
Participation in research The details of any research studies participated in.   O Carried in the CodeableConcept of Composition.section.code FHIR element.
PRSB Element Description Card. MRO* FHIR Target and Guidance
Name of research study Name of the research study/trial and/or drug/intervention 0 to 1 O Record(s) of participation in clinical trial(s). Each record should include information about the trial and the patient's participation, as recorded by the clinician. Text only.
* M=Mandatory R=Required O=Optional

Example Participation in Research Section

Coded Resources

This text section should be linked to the following FHIR Resources to provide the textual information in a coded format.

  • The ITK3 FHIR eDischarge does not currently support coded participation in research information.
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