Summary release notes of the versions released in API Implementation Guide

Note - versions of this specification follow semantic versioning - minor and patch versions should be considered as non-breaking.


  • Added an interactions section to define the main CRUD and search operations for ReST APIs
  • Added a page covering Spine Interaction IDs
  • Added a page covering all HTTP headers used in Spine FHIR APIs
  • Added a page covering resource versioning
  • Reorganised left nav slightly to make it a bit easier to navigate
  • Minor changes to error handling page to clarify issue severity
  • Minor changes to JWT page to clarify use of iss and aud claims, and to add JWT validation rules
  • Added a page in the legacy section with details of the Gazetteer service
  • Updates to error code lists to cover National Record Locator

1.0.1-live (3rd August 2018)

  • Update to SSP system topologies
  • Minor updates fixing broken links

1.0.0-live (29th June 2018)

  • General tidy up of content for live publication
  • Updates to error code lists to cover a wider set of national service requirements
  • Added descriptions of smartcard authentication and SAML

0.3.0-beta (22nd June 2018)

  • Addition of Legacy Messaging section and additional details about RBAC

0.2.0-alpha (17th April 2018)

  • Updates to the JWT spec to incorporate unattended system-to-system use-cases

0.1.0-alpha (2nd February 2018)

  • First incomplete alpha version of API spec
Tags: development